Establishing a company onshore or offshore worldwide

We will help you to establish and open a bank account in any country in the world. No matter what reason you have. If it’s because of strategic or tax optimization reasons. We will help and support you.

We are at your service with our local experts and channels as well as our personnel in Switzerland or Germany, whom you can directly get into contact with.


What we offer:

  • Corporate Services
  • Opening Bank accounts
  • Fund Services
  • Wealth Structuring
  • Marine and Aircraft Services
  • Accounting and Payroll

Our partner we are working with is handling client affairs since over 40 years!


Case study:

Turkey, being one of the most crowded countries of the world with its population over 82 million, serves as a bridge between Europe and Asia. Today, 15 million people live in İstanbul. Therefore, İstanbul is the most populated city of the continental Europe.

The biggest airport of the world was opened this year.

Do not miss this chance and become a part of the economy miracle of Turkey without delay.


It may take months to establish a company in Turkey if you do not apply to the right organs or have a command of the local/official language.

We are here to remove all these obstacles!


The advantages of establishing your company with our support are as follows:

  • You can establish your company within a few weeks.
  • It means the minimum waste of time.
  • You visit Turkey for once for signature works.
  • Officially certified translations are included.
  • We provide service for all kinds of company establishment.
  • Opening trading accounts at the banks (in different currencies).
  • You can easily find your workplace and first workplace equipment.

We are pleased to accompany and support you from the first idea stage to the stage of workplace which is even furnished.

We’d be glad to answer your questions already.