Transfer your foreign currencies in an economic, easy and fast way.

Globalization gradually affects more people and company. As a result, more and more people and company have contact with foreign currency.

The Smart Dialing Agency has a strong FX partner with whom you can change your currency exchange cheaply, quickly and easily and much more.

Please contact us to receive a non-binding offer for you.


Our Advantages:

  • No account maintenance fee.
  • Your banking account remains the same. We only provide you an alternative way of supplying exchange.
  • Favorable real-time rates
  • Virtual IBANs
  • Fast and easy wire delivery
  • simple Factoring solutions (Account Credit)
  • Flexible Forwards up to 5 years coverage
  • Custom API solutions
  • One consultant for all inquiries
  • 24/7 Multifunctional online platform
  • Place rate orders
  • Professional Know-How