Kaltakquise Telefon

Cold calling on telephone

Put aside the demanding jobs and focus on the potential customers

We either review the current list of leads or directly set off on a quest of potential customer for you.

Having had professional training, our native speaker employees provide communication at the maximum level.

Do not waste your valuable time to search for potential customers: We either review the current lists of leads or directly set off on a quest of potential customers. What you only need to do is to have interview with the potential customers who are qualified or rendered as eligible.

Win through quickly or prosper.

  • Gain time for the important agreements.
  • Know-how owner and native speaker employees.
  • 24/7 accessibility.
  • Win through quickly.

Starting from monthly 999€ (excluding VAT)

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Leadlisten erstellen

Creating potential customers list

We make preliminary survey for you

A quality list of leads constitutes the essence of the sales. Working with a list of well-chosen and quality candidates ensures you to obtain more results.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors and leave it us to search for potential customers.

The important information is shared with your leads by telephone or e-mail according to your requests/needs. Thus, it is ensured that you win through easily and quickly.

  • Put aside the time-consuming and tiring jobs.
  • Get into contact with only the potential customers.
  • Do what you do best; sign agreements.
  • Make more agreements by means of more productive time management.

Starting from 50€ per quality lead (excluding VAT)

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Beratung und Support

Consultancy and Support

Putting into process the incoming calls and e-mails through twenty four hours a day

When it comes to start-ups or long-established companies, continuous or general accessibility requires a great cost and extra space. 24/7 accessibility for a good support or consultancy service and processing e-mails quickly is not a luxury, but an obligation now. Outsource these activities, request only how many employee you need and experience the flexibility with the monthly notice periods. We provide you a first class communication by the help of our native speaker employees.

If you only want to make short-term campaigns or increase your telephone or e-mail traffic, you can request our services in a fast and easy way with monthly terms.

  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Call pickup with native speakers.
  • E-mails are responded twenty four hours a day.
  • You can cancel in monthly periods if you wish.
  • An economic alternative for the central/customer care.
  • You can request more employees or cancel the request depending on the season and work-load.
  • Manage your campaigns increasing telephone traffic securely.

Starting from monthly 1’999€ (excluding VAT)

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Telefonzentral / Hotline

Central / Customer Care

Flexibility and continuous accessibility

You may want to outsource before employing full-time personnel to offset your time load.

You can ensure 24/7 accessibility by working with us. You can cancel the services we provide depending on your work-load and need in monthly periods.

Our economic alternatives not only makes you save costs but also ensures a better accessibility.

  • 24/7 reachability!
  • Telephone occupation by native speakers
  • Email answering around the clock
  • Terminate the contract any time on a monthly basis
  • The cheapest alternative for a telephone hotline
  • Depending on your season or effort, our employee units can be ordered or canceled

Starting from monthly 999€ (excluding VAT)

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Foreign Exchange

Transfer your foreign currencies in an economic, easy and fast way.


Globalization gradually affects more people and company. As a result, more and more people and company have contact with foreign currency.

The Smart Dialing Agency has a strong FX partner with whom you can change your currency exchange cheaply, quickly and easily and much more.

Please contact us to receive a non-binding offer for you.

Our Advantages:

  • No account maintenance fee.
  • Your banking account remains the same. We only provide you an alternative way of supplying exchange.
  • Favorable real-time rates
  • Virtual IBANs
  • Fast and easy wire delivery
  • simple Factoring solutions (Account Credit)
  • Flexible Forwards up to 5 years coverage
  • Custom API solutions
  • One consultant for all inquiries
  • 24/7 Multifunctional online platform
  • Place rate orders
  • Professional Know-How


Realtime rates

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Mitarbeiter Koordination

Coordination of the Employees

Employee management – we take responsibility of your employee coordination

Do you have many freelance or contracted employees that you have to learn whether they are available or not by getting in contact with them one by one? We have a perfect solution for you since we take responsibility of your job for low costs.

Do you have an order and need to learn which freelance or contracted employee is available for this job? We get into contact with all employees for you and give feedback to you.

You not only can save time but also economize the personnel expenditures through outsourcing for your work-load.

You can also cancel this service in monthly periods.

  • Save time and money through outsourcing.
  • We take responsibility of your employee coordination for you.
  • We give you a comprehensive feedback that will work for you.
  • Fast and trustworthy planning.

Starting from monthly 999€ (excluding VAT)

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Content Editor

We control your contents before they go online.

Most of the social media pages or dating sites where media contents such as photos or videos can be uploaded to should be controlled.

We properly control contents before they go online in line with your instructions and in an economic way.

  • Can be used as needed
  • Save time and money by outsourcing
  • Yourt company policies are strictly followed

Starting from monthly 999€ (excluding VAT)

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Translation in various languages with amazing prices

We provide translation service for all kinds of texts with certified native speaker translators. You can send us sample texts to get an idea about the quality of our translations.

We help you for all kinds of agreements, internet contents, legal texts or books.

Translations starting from 0.10 EUR per word!

  • Economic and professional translation.
  • Certified native speaker translators.
  • Test translation is made.
  • Prices are offered before translation.

Starting from 0.10€ per word (excluding VAT)

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Establishing a Company

Establishing a company onshore or offshore worldwide

We will help you to establish and open a bank account in any country in the world. No matter what reason you have. If it’s because of strategic or tax optimization reasons. We will help and support you.

  • You can establish your company within a few weeks.
  • Fund Services
  • Wealth Structuring
  • Marine and Aircraft Services
  • Accounting and Payroll
  • It means the minimum waste of time.
  • You will visit our office for once for signature works.
  • Officially certified translations are included.
  • We provide support for all manner of company establishing works.
  • Opening trading accounts at the banks (in different currencies).
  • You can easily find your workplace and first workplace equipment.

Starting from 999€ (excluding VAT)

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Start Up / Angel Investor

We provide financial and operational support for freelancers and start-ups.

Do you have ideas and plans but no fund? SmartDialing Agency provides support to you for establishing and developing a company.

  • Large-scale international communication network – potential Customer, Investor and Business Partners
  • Financial support
  • SmartDialing Agency provides on-demand the sales office, marketing office and back-office it incorporates alongside the employees.
  • Company address and meeting offices are always at your service.
  • No language barrier at SmartDialing Agency.


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